Written by Archikai

Hello everyone, Archikai here with a news update. I figured it was a good time to keep you all informed.

SkyPixel: SkyPixel is currently down, or keeps going down as you may of noticed. It's been experiencing a lot of issues, such as deleting items, erasing pokemon, ect. We can't have that happen anymore, so it's currently getting fixed. We're working as fast as we can, and it will be back soon. Hold tight!

Survival: The Survival server is currently still doing ok, with a few problems. As you all may of known, we recently implemented some trails for your enjoyment. However, there have been bugs that could harm the server, and most trails have been temporatily removed. We're working into fixing it. We're also interested in implementing quests, as well as a possible Mob Arena (Unconfirmed, will need to be tested).

Staff: There will be promotions/demotions soon, so don't worry about it. SkyPixel also will need a staff team.

Updating: I know most of you want 1.8. We've looked into it and as of right now it currently isn't possible. The API that we need currently isn't functional as of yet, and would cause far more problems if we were to even try. I'm keeping an eye on it, so when/if we can update, we will. Thank you for your understanding.