/repair update and build competition update
Written by Xgoldenman16X

Afternoon prison people!

Imortalshard and MW_147 have been busy doing some slight modifications to the server this week. So... here we go!

/repair Nerf:

Due to the abuse of the /repair perk and the simplicity of the perk being able to be used any time, we have now changed that up a bit. From now on typing /repair hand will simply repair the item you are holding for $5000 in-game money and typing /repair all will repair all the items in your inventory for $10,000. These values will be changed as we see fit and the command can be used every 24 hours, so choose wisely.

Build competition update:

Imortal, MW and I are excited to see what you all are building for the build competition but I need to clearly state something first. If we do not get more the 4 entries a month, we will not be giving out perk prizes or anything of great value. Instead we will be giving each person that entered the build comp in-game money and possibly something else.

Just a quick and simple update today!
Hope to see you all on the server soon!