1.14 Map Reset Friday
Written by Tomographix

Many of you have been asking! I'd like to confirm that we will be resetting the map this coming Friday to take full advantage of the new features in 1.14.

We have been using this map for over 8 months now and it is starting to look a bit tired. Mojang's new additions in 1.14 such as the cool new biomes, villages etc give everyone a fresh chance to start anew.

Q. What does a reset involve?

A. A reset resets EVERYTHING except for ranks and perks

Q. What time on Friday will the reset be?

A. The reset will be done in the morning and finished hopefully not too far after

Q. If I want to save my build what can I do?

A. Send me a PM on the website

Q. I am in the middle of my builder / creator / buildcomp entry what do I do?

A. Submit it as is, credit will be given for the map wipe.

Q. How do I take my textures over to the next map?

A. Store them in your /cosmetics which is never wiped.

Please put any questions below and I'll update this Q & A section over the coming days :)