1.2 released!

Hey guys, mrfrase3 here!Now i know what your thinking, "but tomo does the posts!!! >:O" well yes he does, this is just a temp update that I have whipped out of the spare of the moment.Anyway, minecraft has just updated to version 1.2, We, on the other hand, have not. "Why?" you may ask, well its currently 2 am in the morning for our founders so they are sleeping, and though I am good, I cannot update the server. :'(This bit was edited by Tomo.So virtually what I am saying is dont expect much for a few hours, but we will try to update ASAP! The plugins take time to update and this will be the main delay.From what I can tell we will be able to convert the map from 1.1 to 1.2. This should mean we don't need a map wipe! I'm not sure how effective this will be seeing Mojang did not release tons of info about it. WE will be on of the first servers to change over though!IF YOU HAVE UPDATED TO 1.2 AND WANT TO CONNECT TO SKYSERVERSI did say before that I was good, so I found you a program (trusted) that changes your version back. Close your minecraft browser, make sure you set it to 1.1 and then press the "change minecraft to selected version" button, it should work its magic and close, then open your minecraft, connect and enjoy :)  vvv download link vvvhttp://home.exetel.com.au/flippit/Minecraft%20Version%20Changer%20v14.0.msi