1.3 Info + Dedicated News

A few notes and changes that we are making to the server for 1.3.
1. Players with item spawning are now not allowed to run chest shops. If you have the perk please let me know and we can swap it for another one.2. I will be cracking down massively on spawned items and abuse of donor perks.3. Players with item spawning are allowed to get other players to help them. They are not allowed to give items to a player though to help build. The player is also not allowed destroy blocks placed by a person with item spawning.If the economy does not run then we get a map wipe! You are allowed to build with staff.
Warp Prices6 Emeralds for non-donors3 Emeralds for Donors1 Emerald for rename and re-position
Voting RewardsThe reward for voting has been changed! You will now receive 1 Emerald4 Diamonds130 EXP Also you have the chance to win free perks each month!
Finding your build TransferWarps have been set to all of the build transfers. Try the warp that was set for it in the old map first. If this does not work then ask me. All the build transfers have been placed around the Skylands.
Dedicated ServerHopefully by the 20th of this month we will have moved to the dedicated server. I will announce more details soon.