3.5.1 Update!
Written by Archikai

EDIT: NOTICE: We're experiencing some issues with the kits. They'll be fixed/worked on ASAP. We also may revert back to 3.4.0, stay tuned

Hello, everyone! We've just recently updated to 3.5.1 (1.7.10). This should fix a lot of the bugs, and it has even added some new pokemon! This'll make it a bit more interesting. The pokemon are, as copied from the pixelmon website:

For more information on anything else added, please inquire at http://www.pixelmonmod.com/downloads.php?id=4


Some players may or may not be affected by a party wipe. Please see higher staff/management if you're one of  them.


Last but not least, the new jar can be downloaded at http://adf.ly/5963002/350. Just replace the 3.4 jar with the 3.5, and you're done! Thank you for your time.

- Archikai