Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Pixelmon Players!

We are now running Pixelmon Version 3.5.1!

The version of minecraft is still 1.7.10, and you can easily update through the pixelmon launcher, or by downloading the pixelmon mod here and mod your minecraft manually.


The structure of commands including /Catchrate and /evolvl has changed, Please read below in order to learn how to use the new structure:

When finding out any information about a Pokémon, please use the following command:

/wiki <Pokemon> <info>

-The Pokemon parameter should be replaced with the Pokémon's name.

-The info parameter can be replaced by any of the following:

-Biome (Gets the biomes that it spawns in)

-Catch (Gets the catchrate)


-evo (Gets the pokémons evolutions)




-time (Tells you when the pokémon spawns)

If you encounter any glitches or bugs ingame, feel free to drop Blitz, Me or archi a message and we will look into it!

Happy Training!