A fun morning!
Written by _SaBrEWoLf

That was a great morning/evening_SaBrEWoLf and Darth_subtility did some mini, flash events today! We decided to actually raid his house... Yeah. It was awesome.We gave a free rank away, we gave hundreds of items and played around with heads (i'm the mudkip)
We'll be doing this more frequently, at about the time of 10AM/10PM PST or around 2AM/2PM AEST. (No promises. Subject to change.)
Thank you to Darth_subtility (and a bit of _SaBrEWoLf) for setting up the events!
Prizes included can be (for days to come...):- Master Balls, pokeBalls- Free rank upgrades- God items (pickaxes, hammers, etc)- Misc items (TMs, necessary items to build, etc.)
Hope to see more of you guys come along to our next events!Hope you all had fun today!