A Perk will be missed
Written by _SaBrEWoLf

Hey Guys,We plan on taking off the perk 'Compass Mod'.
This is because it has been abused multiple times by players who have purchased it. This was done by getting into fights, and then teleporting away when they need to heal, and also teleport into others' base.
If you have the perk, either contact an admin (Darth/Sabre/Tomo) in game, or post on their walls on the forums.


A while ago we introduced the all new helper rank!Unlike the moderator rank, helpers can stay in their own factions and raid with their friends.If you need a question answered, water or lava placed, or need faction advice these are the guys to ask!So help out with the server, and give a helping hand :)

Apply here!: http://www.skyservers.net/pvpapp

Regards,Darth and Sabre.