A Small Update on 1.14
Written by Tomographix

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the 1.14.1 map. Our delay on Friday was due to the time taken to generate the map of 7,500 blocks. All of our maps are pre-generated otherwise it causes substantial lag issues. Generation normally takes no more than 24 hours and this was started on Tuesday. It was not complete by Friday and we had to wait until Saturday before putting the new map on. It would appear (although not confirmed) that the generation of this new map has cause considerable issues with chunks and other things due to the complete buggy mess that is 1.14. This was (partially) confirmed by the opening of the current test creative map where the server is playable. The difference here is that the test map has not been pre-generated. Unfortunately, not pre-generating a map is not an option as there will be substantial and continued performance issues over time while people manually load the chunks.

I am trying some different methods in generating another map which will take 2-3 days. By this stage I hope that 1.14.2 will have been released from Mojang to further address major issues with the update.

At this stage I will be keeping the test map on where everyone has access to creative. You can build whatever you like and experiment with the 1.14 changes.

I will keep you updated with more news when we have it :)