Agrarian Skies

I have decided to finally close our Agrarian Skies server, it was a boom when it first came out, but then all together died away quite quickly, and not just out server, many other communities have very low agrarian skies player counts. Recently, there seems to also be a lack of users on the FTB Unleashed server and I'm not exactly sure why that is, if anyone has suggestions, or if you have left but are still reading this for some reason, please tell me why you quit playing and maybe I can do something to improve your experience with the server.

We recently had a staff meeting... sort of, it seems that our staff are also quite busy with real life issues and were not able to attend, but frase and myself have been talking a bit about starting to kind of open our servers information up to the users. What this means for you guys is that we will eventually be making webpages that give you access to see the tps on the servers, access to /tps in game, and some other statistics, possibly things like the box's cpu usage and ram usage, im not really sure on what information we can give out on the box at this time. Something else I'm currently working on is an FTB Infinity server, as of right now I'm not sure what kind of perks there will be for players since I just recently got the spawn started. Frase is working on a new, hopefully more reliable language to code in, and I myself, will be starting on some java. I am not sure on how much I will actually be able to do with a full time job and full time college as well. If someone has a great knowledge of java I wouldn't mind if someone would teach me ;)