April Update
Written by sxjx
Hello Sky Servers!

Welcome to April! A few things to look forward to this month, so please read on so you don't miss out! A reminder that our Limited Easter Cosmetics are still available! Grab them while you can! > https://store.skyservers.net/category/lt-wear

Be sure to also download the latest version of our texture pack in our /discord!

We had some eggcellent entries last month!! A big thank you and congrats to Sweet_Sheep_UwU [1st], Cinibuns [2nd], Starzil [3rd] and ThunderBrit4 [4th] for entering! These four have earned themselves  $15, $10, $5 and 50k! Pm me to redeem your vouchers!

This month, we will be bringing back our Colourjump Layer Building Comp!. Head to /warp plots and ask a staff to claim a plot, and come up with your very own layer that will be added next month! Remember to only use concrete!
Another great turnout for last months wordsearch, but can we get even more this month?! A big well done to our three 30k winners for March! - Ezraelo, Crackerjack27 & Dorrick!
Our Wordsearch is looking a little different, as we trial a new way to make the letters easier on the eyes. Have a looky at /warp wordsearch!

It's that time where the Dragon is making a return! The End will be getting locked on the 5th so please ensure all your goodies have been removed from the end before then. Our End opening event will be on the 11th of April, so if you missed out last time, be sure to join us then!

Great work voting through March, but we can do far better in April! A big thank you to our three DVC: Bayleecraft [1st], Madness__ [2nd] & baailey [3rd] who have earnt themselves a $15, $10 and $5 respectively. Please pm me to redeem your vouchers!

A well deserved congratulations to our winners for March's POTM and SOTM - Schpleek & sxjx! April nominations are open now > https://bit.ly/4ag3xC6