AusPvP 09/02/17
Written by IZK



Updates and Changes

  • Players will now be kicked from factions after 30 days of inactivity
  • A SkyPvP map will be released for players who want to risk it
  • /RPS, Rock, paper and scissors
  • /coinflip, for those who want to  play heads or tails with some money involved
  • /jackpot multiple players can enter in the jackpot to win a sum of all money

Staff update and changes

CutestWabbit has resigned from his role of Manager

xLockzx has been promoted to Manager

Crusader010 has been promoted to Admin

___Cloud___ has been promoted to SuperMod

Starlightspark25 has taken up the position of Mod

Ruckus has taken up the position of Mod

If you want to apply for staff please make sure to create an application, please follow what the page says and do not ask staff to read it as it will get denied immediately. Do not be impatient as it may take time to get a response as we accept staff when we need them.

If you need any help be sure to message either me or xLockzx in game or on the forums and we will get back to you as soon as possible and if you have lost your rank in game please be sure to fill in a Donation inquiry.