AusPvP Beta
Written by IZK

AusPvP Beta

Server Updates

Due to multiple bugs that have been reported by the players of AusPvP the server will be going into a 1-2 day whitelist on Saturday 24th of September. During this 1-2 day downtime most of the bugs reported will be fixed. Bugs were expected to come along with the downgrade to 1.8.8

A list of what is expected to be fixed

Random Spawn Locations
Ranks and Permissions
Using Eggs on Monster spawners
Plus other little bits and pieces that need to be fixed.

Once the beta ends the map will be reset along with inventories, enderchest, player vaults and stats. The beta was started for players to test the server in 1.8.8 and to help fix any bugs that might have been found during the beta so that everyone has a fair and even chance one the server is fully released.

Staff Team Changes

IZK2001 as the new Head Admin

Gusto_Control as the new Admin

Vxyres as a new Moderator

Have a suggestion or need help?

If you need help or have any suggestions for the server feel free to contact a staff member, we are always willing to help out players and listen to ideas that they have that could improve the server. You can contact me or any of the other staff members through the forums or if you see us in-game send a PM through. People who report bugs that are game breaking will recieve a reward in game