Awesome updates! [Long post maybe]
Written by Xgoldenman16X

Hello prison folks! Imortal and I are really sorry that there have been no updates recently but we are glad to bring you yet another one!

Cells Update:

We have updated the cells so it's easier to see if a cell has been rented by someone or if it is able to be rented! We hope you all like this added feature, so happy renting!

Vote Party Overhaul:

Imortal and I are currently working on overhauling the vote party rewards that are given when the vote counter is reached! This process might take a while as we are trying not to give overpowered item/things.While we were doing a slight overhaul we adjusted the vote count to start a vote party to 200 because we thought partys were happening too often.

We will keep you updated with the vote party changes!

Commands Help:

We have made some signs at spawn with some useful commands that are useful! If you wish to have a look you can type /spawn or /warp commands. If you feel that a command needs to be added, please tell a server manager and we can work something out!

Server Touchups:

Over the next couple weeks, Imortal and I will be going around the server and making touch ups to make everything better for player navigation and more! So keep an eye out!

Server Selector:

For easier navigation between the prison server you can type /servers and it will open a GUI selector that you can use so you can go to another server on the hub! We both hope you enjoy this feature and find it easier!

Auto Broadcasts:

Our auto broadcast file was reset on us and has made us make a lot more simple/bland messages for now. This means over the week we will be making more better looking messages and making them with our new colour scheme! We hope you all will enjoy this new change when it is released!

Blocks Plugin:

We have had to remove our blocks plugin due to errors and problems. We hope to bring this back in the future but at this stage we are not sure. We will keep you updated!

New Token Shop:

After about two to three weeks of work, we are glad to release a new token shop with better items, gear and abilities! This update has allowed us to give you all better items that won't affect gameplay because everyone has access to it! This new shop also allows for expansion so we can constantly add new items to it. We hope you all enjoy this brand new update!

Tokens in the Store:

Since tokens are now harder to get, you can now purchase them in the donation store! You can get them here!


Voting has had a slight update.With the new token shop items are still cheep but in order to make sure you are working for the awesome gear from it, we have changed getting five tokens for each vote, to two. This means you should get ten or twelve for voting each day! This is subject to change if we feel it isn't rewarding enough.

If you have an idea for voting rewards, please don't hesitate to say something in the forums!

New Store Look:

Tomo has been busy with website work again! This time he has revamped most of the SkyServers donation stores and has made them much more functional and easier for you guys to navigate around! If you wish to check it out, you can go here!

G Block and More:

We are happy to announce that G block has been released! This block is all about war! We will leave the rest of this to you guys and girls to figure out! So please enjoy and have fun!

We will also be trying to release a new cell block every week or almost 2 weeks from this release! This is a big task but we are trying to keep the fun rolling for you all! So you will need to keep and eye out and we will also do everything we can to keep you updated!

New Features:

Imortal and I are also working on some awesome new features for you all! Some will be donor perks and some will be in-game things that everyone can enjoy! We are doing everything we can to make sure these ideas are released asap!


This is all we have for this update! We hope you enjoy all the new features and are excited for all the new ones that are in the works! We hope to see you all on the server soon!


Imortalshard & Xgoldenman16X