Big News, Big updates!
Written by _SaBrEWoLf

[COMPLETE] Update is complete as of 7:20 PMThanks everyone!
Firstly, I'd like to thank all of the players who have helped us with the Skyblock pixelmon server and with the beta bug fixing. I really appreciate all the help you guys have given us. I will be awarding all beta testers with some items for help with the beta stages. *pokemon and items will not be reset, just the sky islands.Please PM Sabre to receive your reward!* I would also like to announce that we are out of BETA for the server! Thanks everyone!
Secondly, tonight at 7PM (AEST), I will be updating the servers to 3.2.5. It introduces big bug fixes and new pokemon! Players who use the Technic Launcher will not have to do anything besides relaunch, other players will have to go onto the pixelmonmod website and download it from there!
Thanks everyone for helping in the updates!
~Sabre and Been