Build competition August
Written by LeprechaunMagic

This month's build competition theme was Castles & Seasons. The entries made this month were 12 and picking winners were not easy to pick. So there was a lot of difficulty in deciding.

This month's winners are:

1st - MaxTheCrook

2nd - FlashAhAhh

3rd - xPandaGalaxyx

Please contact me via Private Messaging for your prizes!

This months build comepetition is in two different sections and focuses on the use of specific block selections.

Suggested blocks for warrior village:

-Spruce Wood+Leaves
-Dark Oak+Leaves
-Stone brick
-Cyan Wool

Suggested blocks for Jungle Themed:

-Jungle Logs+Wood+Leaves
-Red Sandstone
-Stone Brick
-Pistons (Normal and Sticky)


The prizes for this month are a little more exclusive and will be announced at the end of the month, good luck!