Build Competition winners + Events!
Written by Been7770

PvP build competition winners!
1stTikicrysis and Sambowickhttp://www.skyservers.net/forum/m/3774736/viewthread/8922296-tiki-sambos-pvp-arena

2ndMikeblock3, RubieScoobs & Kvgharbihttp://www.skyservers.net/forum/m/3774736/viewthread/8941224-mike-rubie-kvgs-war-themed-pvp-arena


Congratulations to these winners! Please message Tomographix for your prizes!

Some of you may have noticed that some events were held today. These will continue tomorrow. The events consist of Castle Defence  and Snowball Battles so jump in-game and join in!
Castle Defence can be found at /warp CDSnowball Battles can be found at /warp snowballbattles