Castle Defence!

Hello Boys, Girls and Minecraftians of SkyServers, Its time to unleash your tactical defense skills,
With the monthly event running this weekend we need to talk details. In this post I am going to cover the name of the game chosen, the aim of the game, timezone and the time of the event.
Name of the monthly event chosen: Castle defence - hosted on Main serverIP:

Aim of the game:So basically there are 14-20 players at one time. This will then be split into 2 teams. A red team & blue team. Aim of the game is to reach the red team base and hit the switch to receive a piece of wool named FLAG, run back to your base and put the Colored Block (flag) in the chest to light the beacon and win.
Timezone:+10 GMT (Late Friday for English, it will still be running Britons if you get up early)
When is this happening:Saturday from 9am all day with a few breaks Sunday Periodically throughout the day

We will give the location of the event once you get on the server in the morning. A special thanks to KingBob12th for creating the venue and to ixZerx for arranging this all.
If you come along you might even get to see Hurc & Tomo playing, see if you can beat them.
Hope to see you all Tomorrow, the more the merrier. Stay alert on the forums to see any updates being made.
As Sunday 12th May is Mothers day in Australia, bring your mums online to battle it out!
Regards,ixZerx (Event-Manager) & LeprechaunMagic (Admin)