ChibiQuixotic's Awesome Contest

Hello everyone!
In celebration of one of my favorite holidays (2nd only to Groundhog's Day) I've decided to sponsor a "Halloween" build contest for players on the server. There will be 3 winners, to be judged by myself and a couple other staff members & helpers.
This is a player sponsored event, not a Sky Event, and as such members of staff should not be messaged or bothered regarding the contest. Any questions you have can be directed to me in game or through the website.
The goal of this contest is two fold. One, it will give everyone something to do, I know a lot of people can get pretty bored and having a goal and contest helps motivate some people to really push themselves. And two, to show you, the players, that SkyServer FTB is not only the BEST server in the SkyServer family (lol @ Tekkit), but the best FTB server around. So get on, build something amazing, and if it goes REALLY well I may make this a regular thing!

The Contest:
Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means! Ghosts, ghouls, witches, and of course, haunted houses! Use your imagination to create the creepiest, scariest thing you can imagine. It's Minecraft, anything is possible! Except circles. Not possible.

The Prizes:

1st Place:1 Rank Upgrade (upgrade your current FTB rank 1 higher for added perks and commands.)1 Fully Loaded Tool Kit with the best items and enchants I can make. (Pick / Shovel / Axe / Sword)1 Fully Loaded Armor set with all enchants/upgrades (your choice of type)$1,000,000.00 In Game money for all your shopping needs.
2nd Place:1 Fully Loaded Tool Kit with the best items and enchants I can make. (Pick / Shovel / Axe / Sword)$500,000.00 In Game money for all your shopping needs.
3rd Place:1 Fully Loaded Tool of your choice with the best items and enchants I can make. (Pick / Shovel / Axe / Sword)$250,000.00 In Game money for all your shopping needs.

The Rules:
The contest will begin 10/17/13 and run up through 10/31/13. Winners will be announced on Halloween 10/31. (Times are GMT -5)Builds should follow the Halloween / horror theme and be original. We all have access to Google, if you copy something from someone else, I'll find out.People are more than welcome to form teams, however, only ONE rank upgrade will be awarded for 1st place, even if it's a team of 2.Rank upgrade is only for the FTB server, not any other SkyServers. No substitutions.If you're Beast rank already, you'll get a $25.00 gift card / Code to something. Don't know what yet.Once posted to the forum thread, NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE. So make damn sure you're 100% done with your creation before you submit it.Not really a rule, but try to claim your build area to keep it safe.Have fun!

Your Entry:
1. To enter, complete your build and post a screenshot on this forum thread with the following information:In Game NameBuild Location (X / Y / Z Coordinates)Any details you'd like noted (secret passages, moving items, etc)2. Builds should not be your current home/residence to avoid confusion while judging.3. I personally find pixel art sad and disappointing but you're more than welcome to submit it.

The Legal Stuff
Disclaimer 1: In the event of me losing my job, dying, the Apocalypse, the game economy getting reset, people cheating, or something else unforeseen making the contest impossible to complete or for prizes to be awarded, the contest will be canceled. Cheating, copying, griefing, or just generally being a dick will get you disqualified from the contest.
Disclaimer 2: Prizes will be awarded to one person only. That includes all items, money, and rank upgrade (if eligible.) If forming a team with someone, a "leader" must be chosen that will receive the prizes. Make sure if you team up with someone, it's someone you can trust because this is not a Server sponsored event, so staff will not intervene for disputes.
Disclaimer 3: Staff is welcome to participate, and as far as I know no one but Nixon has creative on FTB but if you do, you are not eligible to participate for prizes. All building materials must be acquired by the builders, not creative mode. Shopping at the market for stuff is fine.
Disclaimer 4: There must be a minimum of 10 participants for the contest to qualify. I hope we have much more, but I can't justify the prizes if there aren't enough people playing to make it worth while.