Christmas Events And More

Christmas is upon us and there will be plenty of fun this month online. The spawn is looking really beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations now inplace.

Every day this month you can get a free Christmas Microblock at /warp advent (underneath the tree at spawn). There are over 40 different ones to collect!

The admin team have been hard at work prepping some Christmas events for you this year:

Regular games of spleef, musical chairs and more will be held throughout the month, especially in celebration of each vote party!

Sign up for BUILD OFFS HERE.


As you know _fluent has moved onto other things IRL. I would like to thank _fluent for his time and dedication in running the server over the past 11 months. It is not an easy role being the manager of any server, especially when you step-up into that position with no previous experience. Sky Servers needed some fresh ideas after 6 years of me and I was very pleased that flu was able to provide a whole new perspective and energy to the daily running of the server. Unfortunately, this means that you are all stuck with me again. I have decided to introduce two new roles to help me manage the server. These are Staff Manager and Event Manager. If you are interested, we are accepting applications for these roles over the next week.