Christmas morning
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Hello Guys! Merry Christmas!! (It's finally here) from The SS Skyblock Staff Team!

The Lonely Snowman

It was a cold, chilly night when two little boys went outside to smell the fresh wintery air.

One of the boys, named Tomographix, said to the other boy, "I am going to build a snowman."
And he picked up some snow and built away.
Hurcoli, the other boy, went inside to fetch some coal and a carrot for the snowman's eyes and nose.

Tomographix took off his scarf and wrapped it snugly around the snowman.
Hurcoli plopped on the carrot, Coal for the eyes, and a twig for the crooked mouth.
"There. All done" the boys said and they went back inside.

Late at night, the snowman woke up. He looked around for someone to play with, but no one was there.
"Oh well," he sighed, as he waited throughout the cold wintery night

The next morning was Christmas Day! What a surprise they boys had to see that the snowman came alive, What a Christmas miracle

But both boys knew that soon one day, the snowman will melt away, and all that will be left was a puddle of melted ice.

So off they took on their adventure that day, making the most of the time they could together!

Red and myself have decided to do a special holiday themed event for all you players! Good and Bad, It's Christmas so we are forgiving today; join the Server on Christmas Day to be surprise with not only 5 Presents (left by Santa himself) but also with a Christmas Kit! (/ekit Christmas) which will be a mystery in what we will include!

**Until the 26th AEST you will be able to access the Kits and Presents

Pet Blocks

Animal pets were soo last year! Introducing the brand new rank perk- Pet Blocks. The trendy addition to your ingame character!

Choose from a range of different 'souls' for your petblock and then have fun with a whole range of disguises! Your pet block will follow you around ingame.