Written by Molz_Yeowie


This is addressed to those who complain about the downtime.

It has come to our attention, our meaning the staff team, that you are not satisfied with our tireless efforts to keep the server running as much as possible.

We feel that we simply cannot do more than we can, when there are no crash reports, or when a hacker is on and we have to repair the damage at 2:30am. Or when only few of us actually have access to the console and can repair issues. Or when we have a social life outside of the server, including and not limited too jobs, university, school, partners and families.

Not all of us can be on every minute of every day. We cannot fix every issue that instant.

We have lives, we have jobs, we have to work and have time to ourselves just like everyone else.

We do not get paid. We do this on our own free time.

We know, the second the server goes down as we get notifications on our phones, you do not need to spam us on the forums and on skype. However, we dont always have a computer handy and therefore can't do anything.

We are tired of our efforts going unnoticed and instead receiving complaints, or threats of leaving, or spam. It makes our job so much less appealing.

We are not saying we won't fix issues as soon as we can, but thats the key there, we can only do it as soon as we can. It can't be when you demand it.

Please try to understand this, as we are only human too.

Thanks, the SS Tekkit staff team.