Creator Rank Changes!

Hello Everyone!Pepsi and I have recently been working on a variety of changes to the creator rank. So here they are!
[Creator] Permissions+ Ingame Prefix+ Website Tag+ /kit creator: 24 hours- Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency, Unbreaking- Torches+ /fly access+ /ci access+ /kit stone: 24 Hours- 576 Stone- 576 Cobblestone+ Creative for $75 instead of $90
[Builder] Permissions+ Ingame Prefix+ Website Tag+ Multiple Home Setting+ /chest access+ /workbench access+ /kit wood: 24 hours- 64 Oak- 64 Spruce- 64 Birch- 64 Jungle+ /kit wool- 64 White Wool- 64 Black Wool- 64 Light Blue Wool- 64 Red Wool
Builder rank is a step above creator and you will need to use the same application form as creator currently to achieve this rank.
Monthly Builds + ForumCreators+ now have their own dedicated forum where you can participate in the monthly builds and more!
<<Check it out here!>>