Development Issues
Written by drtshock

I am Trent (drtshock), President of Puzl Inc. which has been doing the development work for SkyServers for some months now. As I'm sure most of you are aware, there have been some issues with development along the way, for which I take full responsibility. We have had 3 developers join, work on projects for SkyServers, then unexpectedly quit leaving us with pieces of code, or no code, after they were supposed to have done much more in the time frame. That can be attributed to poor management as we were a new company and team and I am still learning how to better manage employees. That is why the project was delayed until late August.
Recently we had our project manager for SkyServers quit as well, leaving me with a very complex system with tens of thousands of lines of code of which I am not familiar and a project that needed to be delivered in 36 hours. Unfortunately, I came across a lot of bugs and was unable to fix all of them while getting acquainted with the system.
An analogy could be that we have all of the parts working, just not the glue that holds all of the parts together and makes them work as a system.
Another developer and myself will be working on this full time until it is finished. We will have it finished up as soon as possible but since we are still familiarizing ourselves with the system, it's impossible to give an accurate ETA. I can tell you that once it is ready it will be an amazing network with a lot of unique things that I have never seen anywhere else.
This is my sincere apology to the players for not being able to complete a project by a deadline, leaving you guys hanging without the servers you deserve.