Elite Four and Champion Update
Written by Ozzybuns

Hello Pixelmon Players!

Elite Four and Champion Update

Finally, after so many long and boring discussions between iRees and I about this, we have decided on a reward to be given to those who are so talented that can beat our Elite Four trainers and even the Champion himself! Head to one of these following links for more information on our Gym system: Here or Here.

As for the reward, we have chosen a special "Shiny of your choice" except with a few extra buffs to give it some real potential! The Pokemon will have three perfect IVs and you will be allowed to choose it's:

  • Ability
  • Nature
  • Gender
  • Growth
  • Pokeball
  • Shininess

All you have to do is beat our eight gym leaders at /warp pgym to earn the badges, and then you can challenge the Elite Four at /warp elite4!