Event News Update!
Written by Tomographix

Staff ChangesI would like to thank Partyboy1256 for all of his hard work as admin on the event server, he has decided to take a break from his position as Event admin for the time being. Please welcome joehand1998 as our new Event Admin! We also have several new helpers:- 0megaNova- coopster125
New Moderators:- Steev_93- Masterjames1000- matt9k8- xgoldenman16x
Rank Changes!We have made some massive changes to our ranking structure with some awesome new benefits!
VIP - $10Ability to spectate Hunger Games/tpa access/workbench access/butcher access/hat accessPrivate containers for your access only!
ELITE - $15Rank includes ALL VIP abilities!Custom Name Colour - Post choice on a Founder's WallAuto Start Games/tpahere access/ptime access (Set personal time)/chest access/kit start access (1 Stone pick and 5 bonemeal - Use every 24 hours)
ULTIMATE - $25Rank includes all VIP & Elite Benefits!EXP bank - Store your exp on a signCustom Name Prefix - Post on a Founder's Wall./repair all access - repair tools and armor/back access - return to your last pointAbility to fly in the netherSet multiple homes
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