It has recently been brought to my attention about the Blaze Rod Exploit in EE, whilst these dont phase me as there is usually a way to block them, this one is different.
I was extremely disappointed when I found how many players were low enough to take full advantage of this exploit, no, more or less disgusted at it.
As a result, the server will be down until we are able to resolve this exploit, which is proving to be difficult.
When I reluctantly spent hours enabling EE on this server, I thought that the least you guys would do is have the maturity to play the game properly and not cheat by using these exploits. After the market has been griefed twice now, a griefing staff member, a creators excellent build destroyed and now this exploit, it has become apparent that I thought wrong.
I will try to have the server back up as soon as possible, but this is everyone's last chance, if this happens again then I will not hesitate to disable EE again and reset the map, inventories and the economy.
If you are one of the people who chose not to take part in anything like this, then good, but I ask of you to please inform Cutter, Zombyte, Myself or any staff member as soon as you find/notice something, communication is key, and we are always listening.
Finally, if you comment on this trying to say that this exploit is "a part of the game", then I will ban you on the spot.
**Edit** The exploit is fixed and the server is back up