February DVC Winner + Member of the Month Competiton
Written by Tomographix

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Congratulations to last months winners!
Sky Servers Member of The Month Outline:
1. 1st-20th: nomination period.2. 21-26th-end of month: Voting period
Nomination rules:
1. Your nominations must be based on what the player has done on the forums (consider activeness, helpfulness, post quality etc.)2. You may not nominate yourself.3. You must nominate a minimum of 2 users and a maximum of 4. Providing a short reason for each nomination (1 sentence is sufficient).4. You may/may not nominate staff.5. You may not ask for nominations, if you are found to be doing so you will be disqualified. 6. You may only make your nominations once, you can’t change them.
Voting rules:
1. You may not ask, beg or bribe people to vote for you. This will result in disqualification.2. Voting for yourself will also result in disqualification.
General notes:

  • 4-5 people will be included in the voting thread. Usually 4, 5 if there is a tie. If there are more people who have tied reasons will be taken into account.Nomination format:
    Player: ReasonPlayer: ReasonPlayer: ReasonPlayer: Reason

    Reward(s):- Trusted Forum Tag- Featured user on homepage
    - Nominate a user here -