February Update
Written by sxjx

Hello Sky Servers!

Love is in the air  as we dive into February after a very busy January. A massive congratulations to team Apollo who took the victory, and a massive thank you to everyone who participated! Before I dive into the events for this month, lets look at the results from the battle!

There were a total 97 people signed up in a team, which is incredible! The total points at the end of the month were:

Everyone who earnt points for their team will be rewarded 30k in game, as well as a trophy. Anyone who placed in the top 5 for their team, will earn an additional 50k and a placement trophy. Top 3 overall, will receive a top 3 trophy, and their relative perk vouchers.

You can view the full point spread here: https://prnt.sc/blGvnSTFwdhi
A trickier wordsearch last month, but I'm glad to see so many of you still gave it a go! A big well done to our three winners for January! - CreeperWolf, FlyingOliver2016, CrackerJack27

Our new Wordsearch is out now! /warp wordsearch!

This month we will be hosting another Candy Gram Event! What is this you're wondering? From the 1st until the 13th of February, players have the opportunity to submit a short message in a book to a special someone. Books can be submitted at /warp cupid. To ensure your submission meets the requirements, check the event rules in our /discord!

Some amazing builds were submitted last month, making it quite a tough choice! It was amazing to see the creativity! Incredible work to everyone who joined, and congratulations to our top 4 builders! - Diamound & LunaMango [$7.50 each], Empirum [$10], ThunderBrit4 [$5] & Sweet_Sheep_UwU  [50k].  PM me to redeem your vouchers.
This month's theme is Valentines!
Fantastic work with voting through January!!  A big thank you to our three DVC: Crackerjack27 [1st], Han_Chloe [2nd] & DLemr [3rd] who have earnt themselves a $15, $10 and $5 respectively. Please pm me to redeem your vouchers!

A well deserved congratulations to our winners for January's POTM and SOTM - Stormmyxx & sxjx! February nominations are now open! > https://bit.ly/3uhM8td