Feedback form & Updates!
Written by Xgoldenman16X

Hello prison people!

I am really sorry for the lack of updates at this time! The server is not dead and is still being worked on every day! Imortal and I are always around also!

Now for some updates!


When we released plots and allowed redstone to be use freely, we didn't think about the impact it would have with large redstone builds. I have now made it so redstone no longer activates in your plot when you are offline and that redstone builds that are suspected to be causing lag will get a sign placed at the power point, disabling the redstone device.

With the above I have also decreased the amount of items hoppers can transport per tick and I have also disabled hopper checking (BETA - Not sure about it). I have done this because hopper systems are one major thing that can contribute to server lag. With this nerf some redstone builds might break but it's for the benefit for smooth and non laggy gameplay!

SkyServers Feedback Form:

The SkyServers feedback form is back! This forms puts YOU into a draw with win $100 worth of perks on any SkyServers server you choose!

Click here to go and check it out and good luck!

Other Information:

The build comps will start next month and will have awesome rewards for you to win! Everyone gets rewards whether they win or loose the competition! Look forward to it people.

J block will also be released this week along with the ability to donate for extra plots!

This is all Imortal and I have for you guys and girls today! Short, sharp and shiny! See you in-game!