Finally, a new map!
Written by Light_Ulquiorra

Hello PvPers!As some of you have been expecting, we are going to have a server reset!When: Tuesday 16/12/2014 - Server will be down for a short while in the early morning starting at 0700 or 7AM AEST
Update:Server is up with a new map! Come join!! :D
Reasons for the wipe:

  1. This map is getting old, very old as far as factions maps are concerned!
  2. This map was custom designed there for not able to be expanded upon or to generate the new 1.8 blocks or mobs!
  3. The old map was flawed, the new map will not be!
  4. In order for the server to fully update to 1.8 and allow name changing, would take approximately two-three days of downtime which would not be acceptable!
  5. Everyone has been asking for a new map!
    What will be kept?
  6. Ranks
  7. Perks
    What will not be kept?
  8. The map
  9. Player balances
  10. /chest
  11. /echest and enderchests
  12. Inventories
  13. Anything else not listed on the kept list
    Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I get my donor money and items?
A: Yes but you will only have four (4) days after the reset to claim your money and items.
Q: What about our bases?
A: No bases will be kept or transferred over.
Q: Will the new map generate diamonds?
A: Yes! The new map will have diamonds and ALL 1.8 blocks and mobs!
Side Note:The current spawn and market will NOT be on the new map! Hannahboo96 and myself have been working very tirelessly on a new spawn, market and player market that we think will be easier to navigate!
Also:Please do not complain about the map wipe/inventory wipe!
Please do let a staff member know of anything not working!Please be patient as there are a few plugins which have not fully updated 1.8, we are doing our best!
Thank you to everyone who has donated and to those who play on the server and have been loyal!