Gym Leader Applications Now Open!
Written by Ozzybuns

Hey Pixelmon Players!

Lately Obelisk & I have been working our butts off running the gyms and now we finally have a brand new section for the Gym Applications! So instead of spamming the forums with apps no one other than us needs to see, you can now apply in a similar way that you would a Helper app :D The new application section can be found Here.

The current gyms are listed below, please note that there can only be 2 leaders per gym - however you may apply for any type you wish at any time.

Flying Gym lvl 25-35: LegitGlitch

Bug Gym lvl 35-45: Ironquazar123 and Keedxn

Normal Gym lvl 45-55: HannahBoo96 and Kraith

Ghost Gym lvl 55-65: Fully Available!

Fighting Gym lvl 65-75: LeGamingPhantom

Steel Gym lvl 75-85: PTlyon and Plustix

Ice Gym lvl 85-95: megagreifer and pmo254

Dragon Gym lvl 95+: 11_JOEL_11

All apps that have been posted in the old way will soon be deleted, meaning recent applicants will have to reapply in the new format otherwise your application will be invalid.