Gym Leaders Needed!
Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Ladies and gentlemen!

The server needs new gym leaders! Gym leaders need to be active, friendly, follow rules and enjoy battling to help prevent players from even reaching the Elite Four!

The gym types and level caps are as follows:

Flying - lvl 20-35
Bug - lvl 35-45
Normal - lvl 45-55
Ghost - lvl 55-65
Fighting - lvl 65-75
Steel - lvl 75-85
Ice - lvl 85-95
Dragon - lvl 95-100

If you think that you have what it takes to become a gym leader, apply here!

Good luck to all who applies!

*Note: there can only be a maximum of 2 gym leaders for each type.


On a side note, Congratulations to the new Elite4 Members:

ToxisAppLE - Water

Shipley36911 - Dark

XxShadowSlashxX - Poison

Sqeakasaurusrex - Psychic

Kingsteel11 - Champion

*Note: The Elite Four will not be opened until gym leaders have been decided.


Also, don't forget about this months build comp!

This month's theme: Medieval minecraft!