Halloween Build Competition!
Written by Molz_Yeowie

Reminder about the build comp which is starting TODAY!!!! for Halloween. The new arena has been built so get excited!!! Also keep an eye out at spawn and at the workshop as things will start to get spookier as Halloween grows closer!

The rules are as follows:

  • You must use all non-creative items, other than that, you use any items that are not banned to create your build.
  • You can join in from the 1st to the 23rd and edit your build right up until the 30th of October so we have a day to judge.
  • The build must be Halloween themed.
  • You will only be given 1 plot to build in. This plot will be fairly large but the size cannot be changed, including the build height limit of the plot.
  • You can only enter once so if you wish to collab with someone, you can't enter by yourself separately as well.
  • You can't use your build for Build of the Week
  • You cannot change the walls or door of your build and you can only build down 1 block

Prizes are yet to be announced so keep an eye out for more detail.