Happy Birthday Sky!
Written by Tomographix

Welcome back Skylanders! After the downtime this morning I can officially say that we are up and running again. There have been quite a few changes behind the scenes and more will be changing over the coming weeks. Here are a few frequently asked questions for now though.

  1. What happened to my prefix? For SkyGods, the custom prefixes will return at a later date.
  2. What happened to night vision? It will be back later this week.
  3. What happened to the old spawn? We will be using it for some really cool stuff in the near future.
  4. Why has my name colour reset? You can change it back with /colour or /namecolour
  5. What happened to /perks rankup? You now rankup with /rankup
  6. How do I see what perks I have? Type /perks
  7. How do I see how much I have donated? Type /donate
  8. When are the new rank benefits arriving? As soon as I am happy with a new cosmetics plugin - most are rubbish
  9. What happened to SkyRunes? SkyRunes should be back next week - all new enchantments as we will be switching to a new plugin.
  10. Has the price of the Enchanter Shaman changed? Yes, it now takes 60 SkyLights to get an OP tool.
  11. Has the price of lighting a nether portal changed? Yes, it is now 10 skylights to light a nether portal.

Sky officially turns 7 years old today! This is an incredible achievement to think that the server has lasted this long. I am looking forward to the coming months as a lot more is changed around the server to give it a new lease on life. A big thank you to everyone who has helped us on this journey.

I would like to congratulate joshylake and Its_Zephyr on becoming our new staff managers! They will be incharge of all staff related matters now. Firew1nd has also been promoted to the new role of Event-Manager. Exciting times ahead!