He's dead, Jim! And market news!
Written by nikon662

Unleashed will be shut down on Friday June 26 2015 due to lack of players, and the fact that it has been acting strange on the box lately, constantly writing a huge amount of something to the hard drive. Best case scenario, unleashed gets a map reset and that will probably help and its a fresh map. Also, FTB Infinity market will be up tuesday or wednesday (23/24) as I do not have time to complete it Monday because of school and work. I will update this post whenever the shop plots are made and working. Also, if you're wondering why i've not been playing much on the server, its because of school, work, playing ARK: Survival Evolved, and the fact that im getting tired of minecraft in general, I don't mind keeping the servers up and running, but I'm not that interested in playing it anymore. The 8 and a half minute reboots should be fixed now, instead of backing up the server at shutdown, it backs up while its up every two hours, like it was before.

There are likely a  lot of errors in the above message, I typed this out after pulling an all nighter. When I wake up after a much needed nap, I'll take a look at it and edit it if there is incorrect information.