Hide N Seek Officially Open!
Written by Tomographix

The Hide N Seek server is now officially open! You can join it via the Event Hub server by typing /server hidenseek or by going into the portal. We got some awesome maps made by the SkyInspire team and have added the option to purchase some cool abilities by using in-game tokens. Type /bh shop to check them out.
For Hiders:- BlockHunt Hider WebCan slow seekers with strategic placement- BlockHunt Hider Invisiblity30 seconds of vanish- BlockHunt Hider Speed30-seconds of speed- BlockHunt Hider PigmanSpawns pigman to protect you
For Seekers:- BlockHunt Seeker EggSlows down a hider- BlockHunt Seeker NetherstarDisorients hiders- BlockHunt Seeker FireworkExplodes near closest player- BlockHunt Seeker Invisiblity30 seconds of invisiblity