Holiday FUN! - Activity ONE
Written by Tomographix

To officially celebrate the fact that the Holidays are here we are going to be running multiple contests and activities over the next couple of weeks! Our first activity will be a building contest. As you might have noticed we need more builds as we only have six currently.The contest will run from the Today (26/9) to the (2/10)! The task is to build a new build.Rules

  • Anyone can enter - staff, donors, defaults etc
  • There will be 3 winners
  • Their creations will be used by the server as official builds
  • They will receive some awesome perks and ingame prizes!
  • Enter your build here: Sky Servers Build Build CompetitionIt could be a good idea to check out the current ones that we have for examples!

Good luck with the competition and keep checking the website for more information on activities!
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