Huge server changes!
Written by LeprechaunMagic

Firstly Plot changes, there is a lot of them, and I think they are pretty fantastic, I'm sure you will too.

Economy implementation is one of the largest ways that the plot system has changed, the following changes have been made:

1. Plots cost money to claim: $500

To claim plots it is the same command as before: /plot claim

2. You can now merge plots (up to 4) to create a mega plot: $1500 per added plot

To merge plots you must first claim 2-4 plots and then simply /plot merge [direction]

3. Deleting your plot returns $300 to you so you won't totally lose your money

To delete your plot its the same command as before: /plot delete

As many of you know, you earn money through winning SS Reactions, the money you earn is now usable. There are a few things you need to know about the economy including: commands, how to earn money.

Commands: To pay other players use the command

/pay [Playername] [Amount]

How to earn money: To gain ingame money there are a few different ways,

1. Win chat reaction games

2. Vote for all sites, recieved $100 per vote

3. VoteParty rewards between $50 to $1000

All new VoteParty, every 50 votes, random cash rewards will be given to online players. In the future there will be other prizes added, including limited edition microblocks! Cash rewards can be anything between $50 to $1000

Introducing the all new master rank, for the most giving & powerful of players...