Introducing your newest Community Managers!


oductions and updates!

Happy hello server comrades! I come with an earful of melted caramel news for everyone. In Tomographix’s absence, M4S0N_129 and I will be steering the wheel as your newest Community Managers and making sure the Skyship never sinks! Rest assured that this is not a farewell from our moppet Tomo as he has simply opted to devote some time to a very important and exciting project for everyone!

For starters, M4S0N_129 and I are both admittedly noobs at the new role, however, this will not be a reason to avert us from organising future plans for the server and we will be managing the server’s daily tasks & events.

Brief End information

The End is nearing, stay tuned for more information!


We understand there have been many speculations regarding the happenings of Spawnmobs perk. We are working on a new method for spawnmobs to return whilst additionally dealing with the current glitch with World guard & spawnmobs clashing. We appreciate everyone's patience and we do hope to see it back soon!


fluent & M4S0N_129