January Update
Written by sxjx

Hello Sky Servers!

It's 2024!!! I hope we are all excited for the year ahead and have had a wonderful Christmas to end 2023. This month is the server's birthday month, so we have lots in store for you all! A massive thank you to everyone who checked out the XMAS quest event! We had a total of 39 people joining the event, and 31 of those completing all 5 quests which is incredible!

Now, onto the exciting stuff!

We had an amazing turnout for our Gingerbread Decorating competition!! Incredible work to everyone who joined, and congratulations to our top 4 decorators! - Redja_ [$15], Sweet_Sheep_Uwu [$10], Juni_For_Short [$5], & SkyDove2 [50k]

All participants have received 10k! Winners please pm me to redeem your vouchers!
This month's theme is Australia! Submit your entries in our January BOTM Channel in /discord

A bit of a trickier Wordsearch last month, but I'm glad to see so many of you still gave it a go! A big well done to our three 50k winners for December! - Cinibuns, Crackerjack27 & 16tyo!

Our new Birthday Themed Wordsearch is out now! /warp wordsearch!

This month, players will be randomly sorted into one of four teams - Hades, Apollo, Poseidon and Zeus.

Every minigame event night will provide the chance for players to earn points for their team, and work towards being crowned the victors of Olympus. To get placed in your team, head to /warp olympus and click on the sorter.

Teams are randomised & final, so you will not be able to switch teams. If you are not in a team at the time of the event but win an event, points will not be given so don't forget! For a detailed outline of the event, see the Olympus Event Channel in our /Discord!

Fantastic work with voting through December!!  A big thank you to our three DVC: Redja_ [1st], Schpleek [2nd] & Crackerjack27 [3rd] who have earnt themselves a $15, $10 and $5 respectively. Please pm me to redeem your vouchers!

A massively well deserved congratulations to our winners for December's POTM and SOTM - Crackerjack27 and DakotaCaine! January nominations are now open! > https://forms.gle/WDdUyoLZSnogFTnW9