Just an update
Written by xXjordzaXx

Hey everyone,
So a few things have been going on lately that could use some clarification. The first is that the Moon has been banned again and will most likely remain banned until a solution is found for the severe lag that is created. We are currently looking into a few issues that may cause the lag but it seems to be a bug within the mod itself that seems to be causing the grief. Until then we will attempt to keep you updated and we are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.
The second is about a modpack change. At this time it is still being discussed within the staff group with a few different considerations. I have noticed that there have been some issues in launching a 1.6.4 FTB pack if we were to move to one of them (such as DireWolf20) and this has also been taken into consideration. Again we just want to ensure that the community knows what we are up to, we aren't changing as this current moment in time but nevertheless we will still be discussing this later throughout this month and wish to provide the best experience we can for our community. Please leave any questions/comments below.
Here is the link to my forum post about running 1.6.4 packs:http://www.skyservers.net/ftbforum/m/10449897/viewthread/10208336-having-problems-launching-164-ftb-packs-contribute-here-help-will-be-found

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and a great new year! From all of SkyServers Tekkit!