Lag Fix - Barrels or no barrels?

As many of you are probably aware, we have created a poll on the left hand side dedicated to the future of barrels. As many of you are probably also aware, there has been bits of lag here and there on the server and Frase and I have thought of a way to reduce it, but it requires that barrels are removed from the server! As the poll clearly indicates, a majority of the community have decided to let us go on with this fix and get the server up to a greater status.
Now, barrels are not the problem, they just conflict with what we intend to do, I just wanted to make that point very clear. For now I have banned the placement of barrels and within a week we expect to remove them fully so we can get this underway, if you think that we should do it quicker, then feel free to drop us a comment about that!
Hopefully we can all look towards a brighter future and leave the server lag as a thing of the past, if all goes to plan then we can accommodate more players and have more things open and new events and surprises along the way.
I hope you are all enjoying the experience so far on Sky Servers FTB Unleashed! Feel free to get in touch with myself or any staff members with ideas that you think may improve the server!