Long Post...
Written by Blazey ~BlazingPro

Hello People of the Server!Player of the monthThis month's player of the month : Eloise78They recieve a free in-game prefix of [POTM] for a month and a POTM forum tag! Please contact iBlitzcrank or Archikai to redeem the prefix and website tag!November's POTM will begin today so keep in mind who you want to Nominate! Build Comp Winners! (Free Build)1. Eloise/INspekz, /warp Fluffy 2. ShipleyHD, /warp PixelLand3. Blukist, /warp FallenKnightsHQEach Builder of warp Fluffy will be given 15$ Store Credit, Warp PixelLand will be given 20$ store credit and Warp FallenKnightsHQ gets $10 store credit.Talk to Archikai/iBlitzcrank to redeem your Cash Prizes!Halloween Build Comp Winners!1. LegitGlitch, /Warp 2Spooky4You - $15 Store Credit2. Blaze_Girl, /Warp Kirby - $10 Store Credit3. Host_Monkey, /Warp Slender - $5 Store CreditVoting Winners1st SilentxAssasin1 - 30$ Store credit
2nd crackerjack27 - 20$ Store Credit
3rd Jonohowling - 10$ Store CreditRemember to Apply for Gym Leader! We need you!
Apply here!Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hope to See you In-Game