Map 2 SOTW
Written by Zylon

Map 2 SOTW

Saturday, 19th or August, 2017

Faction Squads!

Over the past week there has been a vote going on between 10 man factions with 25 power per player or 5 man factions with 50 power per player.

5 man factions with 50 power per player won the vote, so that is what we'll be doing next map. There will also be a limit of 1 ally per faction.

Make sure to choose your teams wisely!

New Changes

The next map has been worked on for many weeks now, fixing lots of bugs and glitches from last map. There have also been many new plugins added, custom enchantments re-worked and a brand new, balanced economy.

Some of the main changes are:

  • GUI shop
  • Gen buckets
  • Sell wand
  • Solid world border
  • Custom biomes
  • Fixed cannons
  • Fixed lag

World Changes


  • 4k map border
  • Custom biomes
  • Claiming allowed


  • 2k map border
  • Custom Biomes
  • Claiming allowed


  • 1k map border
  • Bedrock Floor
  • Closed for first week
  • Claiming Allowed

Goodluck to everyone who plans on playing next map!

- Zylon