Map Reset?
Written by _SaBrEWoLf

Alright, So today the server received a suggestion, of a map reset.

It has many reasons for example;

  • Mass duped diamond and mob spawners.
  • Xrayed diamonds.
  • Ruined economy.

If, we have a map reset, it will include the Nether, and the End(still being reset weekly).
The nether, will be allowed, but in the 1.5 minecraft update, would be a reset on the nether, due to new terrains.

I would like to hear all of your opinions on a new map!

Also, congratulations to the server reaching its 500$ donation! Sabre will be giving away a few free perks to random players, if they're online at a random time he is :)

So please, we would like to hear your thoughts on a new map.