Map Reset Time
Written by Tomographix

Hi everyone,
This Friday we will be doing a map reset early in the morning. If all goes to plan, the reset will start around 8AM AEST and everything will be back online as soon as possible.

Map resets are always great fun! The intention of this map reset is to try some pretty significant changes to gameplay on the server, to make it more sustainable for everyone to play and enjoy.

Map Resets means that only player's perks and ranks are transferring to the new map.

Balances, inventories, virtual chests, etc are all wiped.

For any Cosmetics purchased (Wings, horns, cool swords etc) you need to place them in your /cosmetic vault, otherwise you will lose them.

As always, we will be offering build transfers for $15 - please PM me for more details asap. These are quite complex and not everything can be moved across.

Bailey will also be offering to transfer specific collectables to the new map like last time. For more information, you can read his thread here.

The new map will also bring a whole pile of new surprises which we can't wait to show you.

For those entering the build contest this month or have a creator app in, get as much done as you can and submit them in the forums. Credit will be given for the progress of the build and sxjx will use her amazing imagination for judging.

Put any questions you might have below or send me a PM for more information.