Map Wipe - 4/12/2014
Written by Tomographix

Hello Everyone,As many of you have been predicting for several months now, the server will need a new map for the full 1.8 update.
When: Thursday 4/12/2014 - Server will be down for approx 30+ minutes from around 8AM AEST to update plugins, put new ones on etc
Reasons for the Wipe:1. No 1.8 items / terrain will generate with our existing map2. No 1.8 animals will generate with our existing map3. The current map is 1 year 5 days old (a huge accomplishment) making many players bored with the current map4. The server SSD now has 6GB left meaning that I can't expand the world border even if I wanted to5. With nearly 60k player files many essentials commands are broken. These included the heads and bal top commands.6. For name changes to work for the server the Essentials user files must be converted over to a new format. I tested this several weeks ago and with the amount of files we have it would take almost 3 days of downtime to do this. Something that is unacceptable.
What will be kept?- Ranks- Perks
What will not be kept?- The map- /chest- Balances- Enderchests- Anything else not on the kept list
Build TransfersLike the previous map I will be taking over a limited number of paid build transfers. Build transfers will cost $15 and must be approved by me personally before they are paid for. If you wish to have a build moved to the new map then please PM me on the website for more information and include a warp to that build. Build transfers cost money because they are time consuming to do and I clearly can't transfer hundreds of buildings. I will not accept build transfers that have been edited with creative.
Schematic SavesI will also offer to save a schematic of your build / house for $2. If you are interested in this then please also PM me about it. A schematic allows you to import your build into a single player world or another server that you own. This schematic will not be taken to the new map though.
Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. Will I get my donor money when joining the server?A. Yes, for the first 2 days you can get your donor money. More details released later.
Q. Will the map be uploaded for me to download?A. No. The map file size is simply too big to upload anywhere and then have a location that would allow multiple people to download it.
Side NotesPlease don't complain about the map wipe. Yes I understand your hard work is going but I'm not sure many people appreciate just how lucky you are to have a single map for such a long time. It is in fact Sky Servers longest running map. IF you start complaining too much then you will be muted.
Creative Mode!Everyone will have access to creative for the next few days! Have fun. :D