March Update
Written by sxjx

Hello Sky Servers! Welcome to March! A few things to look forward to this month, so please read on so you don't miss out!

Very minimal participation last month which is a shame to see, but hopefully we can do better this month! Thank you to ThunderBrit4, DLemr, Empirum & MistyMeows for entering and earning yourselves 50k each.

This month's theme is Easter!

Another great turnout for last months wordsearch, but can we get even more this month?! A big well done to our three winners for Feb! - _Balake_, neda, and Empirum

Our new Wordsearch will be out tomorrow! /warp wordsearch!

We are well overdue a little update with some new items, so have your say on the current contenders! Read more about the potential items and have your vote over in our discord! Have a suggest for future items? Submit them in our suggestions hopper at /spawn!

Great work voting through February, but we can do far better in March! A big thank you to our three DVC: Crackerjack27 [1st], ThunderBrit4 [2nd] & Madness__ [3rd] who have earnt themselves a $15, $10 and $5 respectively. Please pm me to redeem your vouchers!

A well deserved congratulations to our winners for February's POTM and SOTM - ScarlySparkle & Cinibuns!

March nominations are open now > https://bit.ly/3OWOSDy

On the 29th, we will be hosting a raid event at 8pm aedt! Be there to earn yourself some exclusive Easter goodies, a bunch of rare goodies, and some end game gear and handy dandy blocks! For more information, check out our /discord!